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Unlock your beauty potential with top Makeup Artist Course, Beautician Courses and Hair Courses as well as Nail Courses in Delhi & NCR. Elevate your skills under the expert guidance of MUA Mona Sharma and embark on a rewarding career journey.

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Why Choose The Monsha's Courses?

We, The Monsha’s Makeup and Beauty Academy, are a leading institution in the beauty industry. With a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, the academy equips students with cutting-edge techniques and industry knowledge.

  • ⟡ Personalized Attention

    ⟡ Doubt Clearing Session

    ⟡ Live Demo On Models

    ⟡ Placement Assistance

We teach students various types of makeup and give them thorough knowledge of products and equipment.

What Are The Advantage Of Courses?

Enrolling in The Monsha’s makeup academy is a transformative journey that goes beyond learning makeup techniques. The hands-on experience, expert guidance, and exposure to the latest trends will empower you to carve your niche and thrive as a makeup artist.

  • ⟡ Mastering The Art Of Makeup

    ⟡ Building A Strong Portfolio

    ⟡ Professional-Grade Makeup Products

    ⟡ Industry-Recognized Certifications

A structured and comprehensive curriculum is a hallmark of any reputable makeup academy and so it is with The Monsha’s.

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