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Unlock your beauty potential with top Makeup artist course as well as Beautician course in Delhi & NCR. Elevate your skills under the expert guidance of MUA Mona Sharma and embark on a rewarding career journey.


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The Monsha’s is one of the leading brands of makeup and beauty in Delhi NCR. In our Makeup Academy, we teach students various types of makeup and give them thorough knowledge of products and equipment.

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Here are some of our professional courses for you.

Why Choose The Monsha's

Simply put, The Monsha’s is the best makeup academy in Delhi. We have a unique way of conducting our courses. Under the direct guidance of a veteran MUA Mona Sharma, students learn various tips, tricks and hacks of makeup.

She ensures to give personalized attention to each and every student and solves all of their doubts and queries. The Monsha’s, as a whole, also ensures that effective and state of the art learning, so each student literally earns his/her makeup certificate.

And we also provide placement assistance to students as well.

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Personalized Attention

Each students received high focus

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Placement Assistance

Helps you to get right placement

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Doubt Clearing Session

Solving all your doubts and queries

Live Demo On Models Image

Live Demo On Models

Weekly live demo on a Model

Client Testimonials

“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Client Name
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Client Name
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Client Name

How to find us

It is very simple to find us. Simply search on google, “best makeup academy near me” and you would spot us. You may even give us a call on 95994 70951 and get in touch with us directly. We will guide you through our enrolment procedure and explain the entire process to you.

Discover Your Beauty Potential: The Advantages of Enrolling in The Monsha’s Makeup Academy

Makeup has evolved from a mere cosmetic routine to an empowering art form that allows individuals to express themselves and enhance their natural beauty. If you’re passionate about makeup and desire to turn your creative hobby into a successful career, enrolling in a reputable makeup academy can be your gateway to a world of endless opportunities. Today, we will explore the myriad benefits of joining prestigious The Monsha’s makeup academy, from honing your skills to building a thriving career in the glamorous world of beauty.

At a makeup academy, you’ll receive personalized instruction from industry professionals who have accumulated years of experience and expertise. At The Monsha’s, we guide you through the fundamental techniques, advanced skills, and the latest trends in the industry. Our expert insight and constructive feedback helps you to develop a solid foundation and elevate your skills to new heights.

A structured and comprehensive curriculum is a hallmark of any reputable makeup academy and so it is with The Monsha’s. We introduce you to a diverse range of makeup styles, including bridal, engagement, party makeovers, and much more. This comprehensive approach allows you to explore various niches and discover where your true passions lie. Additionally, you’ll learn about the latest makeup products and tools, ensuring you stay up to date with the ever-changing industry landscape.

One of the significant advantages of attending a makeup academy like The Monsha’s is gaining access to an extensive range of professional-grade makeup products. These products are often expensive and not easily available to the general public. Learning to work with top-quality makeup brands will not only enhance your skills but also give you an edge in the competitive beauty industry.

Theory alone can only take you so far; practical experience is crucial in mastering the art of makeup. Our makeup academy offers hands-on training, allowing you to practice your skills on models and real clients. This practical experience hones your technique, fosters creativity, and builds your confidence as a makeup artist. The more you practice, the more proficient and versatile you become.

Enrolling in The Monsha’s makeup academy is an excellent way to build a network of like-minded individuals, including fellow students, tutors, and industry professionals. Networking can lead to collaboration opportunities, referrals, and exposure to potential job offers. The connections you make during your time at our academy can prove invaluable as you progress in your makeup career.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and techniques emerging regularly. We keep students curriculums up-to-date with the latest industry insights and trends, ensuring that their students stay at the cutting edge of the field. Staying current with the latest makeup styles and techniques will give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Building a strong portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills and attracting potential clients or employers. The Monsha’s makeup academy often provides opportunities for photoshoots and events, allowing you to create a diverse portfolio. This inturn reflects your versatility and creativity as a makeup artist. A well-crafted portfolio is your visual resume and can significantly impact your career opportunities.

Completing our makeup academy program often comes with industry-recognized certifications. These certifications not only validate your skills but also boost your credibility as a professional makeup artist. Prospective clients and employers are more likely to trust your expertise and hire you if you have reputable certifications from a well-known makeup academy.

So here we are,

Enrolling in The Monsha’s makeup academy is a transformative journey that goes beyond learning makeup techniques. We provide you with the platform to unlock your creative potential, connect with industry professionals, and set the stage for a successful career in the glamorous world of beauty. The hands-on experience, expert guidance, and exposure to the latest trends will empower you to carve your niche and thrive as a makeup artist. So, if you’re passionate about makeup and dream of making a mark in the industry, taking the step towards The Monsha’s is the key to unlocking your full potential

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