Nail Courses

Basic Nail Course

Course Duration : 7 Days
Course Timing : Flexible
Course Fees : Rs. 5,999 /-
By Khushi Sharma
Certificate : Yes

Course Content

1. Knowledge of tools

2. Type of nails

3. Basic nail art

4. Gel extension

5. Gel nail paint

6. Acrylic extension

7. Chrome

8. Refill and removal

9. Nail preparation

10. Stone application

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Professional Nail Course

Course Duration : 30 Days
Course Timing : Flexible
Course Fees : Rs. 19,999 /-
By Khushi Sharma
Certificate : Yes

Course Content

1. Nail anatomy

2. Different type of nail shape

3. Premium manicure

4. Express manicure

5. Nail prep for extension

6. Application for gel extension

7. Acrylic gel extension

8. Removal of gel extension

9. Refill extension

10. Nail buffing and blending

11. Dry manicure

12. Making and choosing colours

13. Ombre art

14. 3D flower stone

15. Foil dust art

16. Bubble art

17. Animal Print

18. Spider gel application

19. Stamp art

20. Magazine art

21. Foil nail art

22. Mylar application

23. Water Decal

24. Thread Art

25. Client Communication

26. Selection of design as per hand tone

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Advance Nail Course

Course Duration : 15 Days
Course Timing : Flexible
Course Fees : Rs. 9,999 /-
By Khushi Sharma
Certificate : Yes

Course Content

1. Nail preparation

2. Gel extension

3. Acrylic extension

4) Gel nail paint

5. Ombre nail

6. Marble art

7. French Design

8. Spider gel

9. Dry Flower

10. Chrome

11. Stone application

12. 3D nail art

13. Brush art

14. Refill and Removal

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The Monsha’s Nail Art and Extension Course in Delhi NCR


Courses at The Monsha’s

Nail services are the next big thing that is currently sweeping the world in a beauty wave. To keep up with this demanding beauty, The Monsha’s offers a comprehensive course for nail beauty. We, The Monsha’s, are exactly what you are looking for if you want to opt for professional nail art courses in Delhi NCR. In our courses, our expert and professional nail artists teach the nail services aspirant starting from the very basics.

The Monsha’s as a whole, apart from providing you with nail art and extension courses, also help you up in your career.


What is nail art?

Before you opt for nail art courses, you must know what nail art is. Nail art is basically a small procedure to enhance the beauty of your natural nails. This involves decorating your natural nails with beautiful and colorful designs.


What is nail extension?

Nail extension is a procedure of applying false nails on your natural nails and covering them up with beautiful colors, designs, overlays, and embellishments.


How is nail art different from nail extensions?

In nail art, the nail artist designs and decorates your real nails. But, in nail extensions, the nail artist places fake nails on your natural nails and then designs and decorates them.


What does a nail art and extension course include?

The following happens when you opt for a nail artist course from The Monsha’s.

• Cleaning and prepping nails. Removing nail paint.

• Filing and trimming nails.

• Applying a base coat

• Nail paint applications. Decorating with elegant designs.

• Treating in UV/LED lamps


The following happens in nail extensions

• Cleaning and prepping nails. Removing nail paint.

• Filing and trimming nails. Buffing the edges

• Applying a base coat

• Applying false nail tips specific to each nail

• Buffing false tips – applying the first builder

• Decorating false nail tips – applying a second nail builder

• Treating in LED/UV lamp

The Monsha’s also covers how to remove a nail tip safely from the nail and how to do a touch-up of nail art if need be.


The course covers the following techniques

• Intro to nail art products and equipment

• Nail tip knowledge

• Trimming and buffing of nails

• Nail tip replacement

• Nail tip repair

• Nail tip removal

• Ombre nails

• French nails

• Marble nail art

• Glitter nail art

• Chrome and holographic

• Cat eye

• Brush nail art

• Chrome nails

• Matte finish nails

• Stones, accessories, and embellishments application

• 3D nail art


Why choose The Monsha’s nail art and extension courses in Delhi and NCR

When it comes to choosing a professional nail art course, you can trust The Monsha’s. The Monsha’s is one of the leading names in the field of beauty and makeup. We have a brand value that cements itself in theoretical knowledge, its practical application, and regular tests. This way, all the students who enroll in The Monsha’s prestigious nail art and extension course come out as expert nail technicians.

The degree and diploma that the students receive at the end of their diploma course is a hallmark of quality with credibility. We at The Monsha’s, provide certified courses that also help you to seek a job in a salon or work as a reliable freelancer. We also have the option of an online nail art course.

If some interested student wants to learn the magic of nail art from a far-off place can take our digital classes. Moreover, we also have some free nail art courses for underprivileged students. They can go to our social media platforms and have easy and completely free access to our courses.


How is The Monsha’s unique?

The Monsha’s is unique because our nail services course is a class apart.

Certified diploma course – The Monsha’s offers only certified diploma courses. These certificates represent the benchmark in both the quality and reliability of our dedication towards our students. Each student has to earn a certificate for which we have tests that help us measure the skills of students. Once students have a positive check on theory and practical and ace the test with flying colors, only then they earn The Monsha’s Professional Nail Technician certificate.

Qualified and experienced faculty – The Monsha’s has only expert and qualified trainers who teach and assist the students through their course. All of The Monsha’s nail artists have 3+ experience in teaching and have a vast experience of practical knowledge. This is why choosing a nail art course from The Monsha’s is invaluable.

Proper tools and equipment – To provide the best in class learning experience to the students in our nail arts and extension course, we have all the latest tools and equipment. These include UV lamps, nail brushes, and much more.

Dedicated nail section for learning – The Monsha’s has a dedicated section for the students for learning nail services. No one interrupts the education and learning of students, and they are able to focus on their course properly.

Professionalism – The Monsha’s also ensure to drill all the students with an extreme sense of professionalism. This includes teaching all the students about punctuality, keeping up with personal hygiene, how to greet customers, and being polite and humble.

Practice on dummy and real clients – We at The Monsha’s make sure to up the level of students by having them do nail art on first fake clients. And when they are expert enough to handle the real-life situation, we provide them with real clients as well.


What are the tools for nail artist courses?

The Monsha’s exposes students pursuing nail artist courses to a complete array of all the tools and necessary products that are used in doing nail art. It includes cuticle pusher, cuticle cutter, nail filer, block buffer, nail glue, false nail tips, nail base liquid, puffy brush, primer, acrylic powder, acrylic brush, dotting tools, embellishments, UV/LED lamp, wet wipes, acetone, base coat liquid, top coat liquid.

An additional hand pillow, bright light, and soft cloth are also required.


Who can opt for nail art and extension courses?

This is quite interesting to note that all can opt for nail services courses. Here is a complete list of people who can opt for them

Boys and girls currently in college – A large part of our young population pursues college from correspondence. They have ample amount of time to pursue nail art and extension courses. Once they finish this course, they can provide their valuable services and earn extra money.

Homemakers – homemakers can also opt for nail art courses in Delhi NCR. Since homemakers have ample amount of time on their hands, they can put it to some effective and become expert nail technicians. Once they complete the course, they may give their freelance nail artist services.

Hobbyist – People who want to learn some extra skills in beauty can opt for nail artist courses. Upon completion, of course, they can do a little nail work on themselves or some friends before going to some event.


How do The Monsha’s nail artist courses work?

If you want to enroll in The Monsha’s nail art courses, all you need to do is simply log in to our academy website. From there, you can fill up an enquiry form and express your interest in the nail artist course. Or you may even call us on the number mentioned on the website.


The Monsha’s nail art course prices and payment methods

Different nail artist courses have different pricing scenarios. The Monsha’s nail art courses start from as low as Rs 499. Payment methods are also quite convenient. You can pay the whole amount in just one go, or you may pay that in easy monthly installments (EMIs).

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