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We, The Monsha’s Makeup and Beauty Academy, are a leading institution in the beauty industry. We are known for our excellence in training aspiring makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. With a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities, the academy equips students with cutting-edge techniques and industry knowledge.


Here, at The Monsha’s, there are different teams handling different courses that we conduct in our premises. Where MUA Mona ma’am directly looks after the makeup classes while the other team manages beautician courses.


We emphasize on practical hands-on experience, helping students to gain confidence in various makeup styles, skincare, and hairstyling. Monsha’s fosters creativity and professionalism, nurturing students to become skilled and confident professionals in the beauty world. Through our unwavering commitment to quality education, our academy continues to inspire and shape the future of makeup and beauty, setting new standards in the field.


There are a lot of courses both in the field of makeup and that of beautician for you to opt for. We are sure you would find the right course and join our hands for a safety assured future in beauty industry.

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